Duty Calls

Duty Calls The Storm before the Calm

Call of Duty is... boring?


  • Good Jokes
  • Simple controls


  • Very short
  • Big download


Epic Games, the developer of the totally over-the-top shooter Bulletstorm, has taken aim at the Call of Duty series with this little playable parody Duty Calls - The Storm before the Calm. This is an advert game, for Bulletstorm

FPS Satire

At 700Mb, it's a pretty big download, but if you've got the space and a good connection, it's worth it. Duty Calls makes fun of the serious nature of Modern Warfare and games like it, parodying the realism, cut scenes, clichés and narrative of those massively popular games. Call of Duty fans might not take too kindly to Duty Calls, so maybe Epic Games are playing dangerously!

Short but sweet

Duty Calls itself is very short and really easy, but it's so rare to see satirical video games it's refreshing. The game finishes with a blistering trailer for Bulletstorm (Duty Calls is an advert game, after all). It's a pity that game wasn't available as a demo on PC.

Call of Duty fans beware, Duty Calls is firmly aimed at your favorite game. One of the funniest marketing exercises of recent times.

Duty Calls


Duty Calls The Storm before the Calm

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